Interest Labs has developed a technology that will significantly affect the personalisation of the Internet

Entrepreneur: Matt Hrushka

Matt is a highly experienced technology entrepreneur with a proven record of developing successful, award winning projects and solutions for Fortune 100 companies and bringing startup companies to sale including MySpace where he lead backend development as one of the original members. Aside from being active in the social startup space, Matt has built a strong technical background while working with notable clients such as Coke, Nestle and the United States Department of Defense where he was fortunate enough to win local and international awards for his work.


Providing insight and understanding through interests and context

Interest Labs has developed a technology platform, plus tools and services, during the last three years that are designed to contribute in a significant way to the personalisation of the Internet.

According to Tim Berners Lee, the founder of the www, the next big step is the “Semantic Web” (a group of methods and technologies that enable machines to understand the meaning or “semantics” of information).

Interest Labs has built a proprietary, large scale, semantically linked, interest database that will enable consumers to control their own digital persona and receive a highly relevant experience whilst searching, reading or shopping on any device. Interest Labs’ goal to offer its technology as a global utility.

The going forward plan involves adding the Deep Group leadership team to the Interest Labs board and spawning a number of projects as if they were projects owned by the Deep Group. Each project is intended to be revenue generating and able to utilise the Interest Labs platform while also contributing meaningful new data to the ever growing set of interest-related data that’s being curated by the business.

The first project to be launched is an interest-based ad-serving network. The goal of the project is to deliver ads to consumers using true relevance: turning a ‘best guess’ into knowledge. The ad network itself will provide an open two-way communication between the consumer and a brand where the consumer has declared a relevant interest.

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